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Auteur Discussion: Presentation Design and Vertical Line Problems
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Publier Presentation Design and Vertical Line Problems
le: June 1, 2018, 15:35


I've been trying to get a pretty table in a presentation (not a report) and have been having a bad time trying to get vertical lines to join up.I know about the issue with elements (including lines) not being able to overlap (if they over lap then one of them gets left out). This means I am being very precise with the start/stop points of a line. BUT no matter how precise I am, I can't get a vertical line to "connect" to the one above/below it (either from one band to another band or across multiple rows in the details band). It almost seems like the cells are being padded in the presentation.Does anyone have any tricks or tips to help in the design of presentations and getting vertical lines to connect across rows and/or bands? I'm finding it really fiddly going.

Please help.

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